4rabet bonus program

The issue of 4rabet bonuses of the bookmaker often concerns beginners in the world of betting. The professional players can not always accurately answer the question “What are bonuses in the bookmaker?” Let’s just say that the meaning of the term “bonus” is understandable to everyone, but very few people understand what the promotion itself is and how to use it. The bonus of the bookmaker means the bookmaker encourages its players, increases loyalty, and keeps them. Bonuses are beneficial for everyone. On the one hand, the bookmaker receives a large number of loyal customers, on the other hand, the player receives a gift that increases his chances of a big win. Betting bonuses are available to absolutely all customers, while their experience of the game and the length of stay with the bookmaker are absolutely not important.

About invitation bonuses

The bookmaker bestows beginners with “invitation bonuses”. This type of promotion is available after registering a new account. Charges are made in the amount of the first deposit.

Some players are wary of bonuses, but in fact there is nothing suspicious about them. Before you use the available bonus offer, you need to study its conditions, and only then make decisions to take it or not to take it. The player must understand that the bookmakers do not  just give bonuses , he will be required to fulfill a number of conditions if he takes the bonus. 4rabet – types of betting bonuses

Bookmakers offer their players different types of bonuses, and this is not necessarily some additional monetary charges. Among the most popular types of bonuses are: welcome bonus, promotional code, cashback.

Welcome bonus.  Almost every bookmaker uses this type of promotion for new players. To receive the bonus, you need to fulfill just a few simple conditions: register, replenish the game balance, activate the bonus and wait until the money comes to the bonus account. At some bookmakers, replenishment of the deposit is not necessary, in this case the bonus is accrued in freebets. Although this is the simplest encouragement of players, you need to win back this bonus. The promotional code is a reward that allows you to receive an additional gift for a new player upon registration. The promotional code is entered in a special window of the registration form.

Promotional codes can be found on the partner sites of BC, advertising materials of the bookmaker, etc. This type of incentive is interesting to new players and allows bookmaker to build up the client base. The received gift can be used after opening an account and entering all personal data.

Cashback.  This type of promotion will be especially interesting for active players who regularly place bets. Such a bonus offer allows you to return part of the lost funds to the player. But not all bookmakers compensate their customers for their financial losses. If the bookmaker provides such a bonus as part of the loyalty program, every bettor can use it.

4rabet bonus – what are the sizes of bonuses

4rabet, like any other bookmaker, independently sets the size of bonuses, taking into account its capabilities. Bonus conditions for each operator may be different. If we talk about BC, for example, the welcome betting bookmaker provides at a rate of 200% of the replenishment amount of the first deposit. Bonus 4rabet – what conditions do you need to fulfill?

Each type of bonus involves the fulfillment of several conditions. If the player agrees to take the bonus, he must fulfill the conditions. Everything is not as complicated as it might seem at the first glance.

Bonus Terms Required:

Create a new account by simply registering on the website of the bookmaker.

Go through the procedure for identification. Fill in personal data. Refill deposit.

Everything is simple and extremely clear. The player fulfills all conditions, he receives a bonus .In case he does not fulfill all conditions, he does not receive a bonus.

BC – conditions for receiving and wagering bonuses

As mentioned earlier, BC players can take advantage of the welcome bonus and promotional codes. The size of the bonus offer for beginners is 200% of the amount of the first replenishment of the game balance. Money is credited to an additional account – bonus.

You can start the game by replenishing the balance by only 300 rupees. The bonus amount may not exceed 20,000 rupees.

It is necessary to remind once again that the welcome bonus is available only to newly registered  bookmaker users.

To understand the rules for calculating a bonus, let’s look at an example: 1. After registration, the player replenishes the deposit in the amount of 5,000 rupees, activates the bonus and automatically receives 200% of this amount in the bonus account, i.e. 10,000 rupees. What we have: in the main account – 5,000 rupees, in the bonus account – 10,000 rupees.

  1. It is important to remember that the bonus amount is limited and cannot exceed 20,000 rupees.
  2. The bonus must be won back, otherwise the player will not be able to withdraw the money received.
  3. Better bets on any sporting event. The coefficient is 3 and higher.

5.In the case of the successful 5% of the bet on this outcome goes to the main account of the player. Example:

The balance of the main account is 5,000 rupees. The balance of the bonus account is 10,000 rupees.

The player bets 5,000 rupees, the odds are 3 for the victory of the hockey team.

The bet has won. Payout amount = 5,000 rupees * 3 = 15,000 rupees + 250 rupees (5% of the bet amount) = 15,250 rupees.

Total = balance of the main account – 15 250 rupees, balance of the bonus account – 9 750 rupees.

  1. You can win back the bonus within 14 calendar days after its activation.
  2. If the bonus has not been won back by the end of the allotted time, the money in the bonus account is burned out.
  3. Until the bonus is won back, the player cannot withdraw money.
  4. Money from the bonus account is not used if the bet was made with a coefficient below 3 or a refund was made at the bet.
  5. If the prerequisites are fulfilled, the player can freely withdraw funds that have been transferred from the bonus account to the main account.
  6. The administration of the 4rabet bonus has the right at any time, without warning the player, to change the terms of the bonus, limit the player’s participation in the bonus program or additionally check his account.